Irish Wolfhound A Donner

Irish Wolfhound A Donner. Histoire apparence caractère éducation santé entretien alimentation usage prix divers. Later favored by irish chieftains for the hunt

Irish Wolfhound Trekkers Armchair Hiker
Irish Wolfhound Trekkers Armchair Hiker from

The first modern irish wolfhounds were registered with the english kennel club in 1886. He needs regular exercise to stay fit sensible with strangers, most irish wolfhounds are friendly and expect to be petted, while some are more wary. An ancient breed, first mentioned about the 2nd century ad, it is similar in build to the greyhound but far more powerful.

Starting in sighthounds, living with wolfhounds by alex riva.

Irish wolfhound information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the akc breed standard. This subreddit does not allow 'puppies for sale' or 'stud dog requests' or 'stud dog for offer' listings. Great dane pups 267,000 views. Informations sur le irish wolfhound.

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